The Best Dentist in Town Could Be Going Broke! Learn How to Make Money While Doing Dentistry.

The best dentist in town could be going broke because clinical skill has very little to do with prospering in dentistry. If you need help uncovering the true potential in your dental practice or just need a jump-start toward growth and profits, Judy Goldman and Practice Development Associates can help.

We specialize in coaching dentists and training their staffs to ensure a stress free, organized practice that makes for not only an efficient office environment, but also inspires patient loyalty and referrals for continual practice growth and financial success.

Whatever your need may be in establishing your practice or ensuring maximum efficiency, organization and growth, Judy Goldman and PDA can help you make your dream a reality.


"Knowing our target market, Judy Goldman educated our office on communication and case presentations skills. We find our patients much more receptive to our image and willing to accept our recommendations toward dental health. I'm delighted to recommend PDA and Judy Goldman to anyone who needs a jump start to success."   -James Dunny, DMD

"Judy Goldman reorganized our front office functions including improving insurance billing and correspondence, motivating the administrative staff and teaching them to interact effectively with our patients, overseeing promotional programs for our practice, and using statistics to se office goals and determine success in meeting those goals. She is a gregarious and effective teacher and motivator with extensive knowledge in running and promoting a dental practice."
- Marlin E. Gher, DDS, M.Ed.

Administration and Management Services

Unfortunately, clinical skill is not enough. Some of the best clinicians in the country are struggling for profits. If that weren't enough, after interviewing clients throughout the United States, what we find is dentists are afraid - afraid of loosing control, patients leaving the practice, being taken advantage of, keeping staff happy and making enough money. What's needed are regulated systems and a motivated team that will run the practice like a well tuned clock.

Dental Marketing Planning

Nothing stays the same, and if you're not growing you must be regressing. Building a practice from scratch or continuing the growth of an existing office, dental marketing is an important part of the business. That's why it's critical to have an individual marketing plan that matches the unique ideals and goals of your practice.

Leadership and Team Coaching

The Dreamer, the Director and the Driller, that's the roll of the dental practice owner. Leadership, team coaching and communication skills can create the team that will take you right to the patients you love to work with while creating profits for the whole team.

Public Speaking

Judy Goldman has the talent to create excitement while training proven techniques for building the practice of your dreams.









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